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World Mission Sunday

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February 10, 2019

We’re promoting World Mission Sunday as February 10th, 2019, but world mission can be celebrated any Sunday!  Officially, it’s any Sunday in Ephiphany except the first or the last. Anglican Global Mission Partners (AGMP) provides you with helpful resources to educate and equip your parishioners to engage in mission, both globally and locally. This year we encourage you to focus on the
New Wineskins 2019 Global Mission Conference so folks can make plans to attend next fall!

Archbishop’s Letter: Read the World Mission Sunday letter from ACNA’s Archbishop Foley Beach here.

Guest Speakers: Invite an AGMP Partner to speak, train or preach.

Bulletin insert or announcement slide: Use this image in your Sunday bulletins or as a projected slide to promote your upcoming Mission Sunday’s events.

Example: Here is an example of what one church (Christ Church, Murrels Inlet, SC) has done for a World Mission Sunday order of service and bulletin insert.

Prayers for Missions: Use these prayer forms in your corporate Prayers of the People time.


Videos: Use one of these videos as an announcement or a teaching tool in your education hour or at a special mission event, then lead some discussion to process and discuss action steps.

Discussion Guides: Use these suggested questions to get the discussion going in your group.


Books: Encourage reading on the topic of missions. Distribute copies of the New Wineskins Recommended Mission Book List. Also, check out our Top 5 recommended reads in each of our 12 Resource categories.  

World Mission Sunday Offering: As always, we encourage you to highlight mission projects and partners that your own parish supports, and take up a special offering on their behalf. AGMP mission agencies are also always grateful for your generous financial support.

Courses: For those who want to engage in deeper training on missions and outreach, we recommend:

Web Button: Installing this web button on your website will lead people who click on it back to this page for all the links and resources provided above.

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