New Wineskins Missionary Network

About our Conferences

"Life-changing! I have a follow-up appointment to discern if God is calling me or if I am to be a sender."

"Eye-opening! The conference inspired a call to serve in global missions, to add to our short-term teams, and to reach out to my Muslim neighbor."

"Energizing, thought-provoking, and insightful! It was wonderful to meet other mission-minded people. I’ll serve with new energy on the mission field."

"Phenomenal! This is my first time here and I’ve been powerfully moved, recognizing my call to be a missional, rather than a comfortable, believer."

New Wineskins for Global Mission conferences occur every three years. This conference is more than a global missions training conference. It has become a family reunion for mission-minded Anglicans from all over the world. The most recent conference, held in April 2016, gathered over 1,000 people from over 50 nations. The next conference will be held Sept. 26-29, 2019 at Ridgecrest Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Most of the Anglican Global Mission Partner agencies bring their field missionaries together to participate in the conference, and to have their own board meetings and trainings while they are stateside. Interacting and building relationships with these front-line warriors is one of the things that make the New Wineskins experience so unique. True partnerships are formed when people discover where their passions for mission intersect.  Churches benefit most when they bring a team, and return home with a renewed vision and a plan to implement. Many missionaries trace their initial calling to an encounter they had with the Lord or another Christian brother or sister at a New Wineskins conference!

Top 10 things to expect from attending a New Wineskins for Global MIssion conference:

  • Learning from keynote speakers from all over the world on the progress of the Great Commission

  • Choosing from over 60 workshops on topics including unreached people groups, social justice, relief and development, refugee outreach, Bible translation, and reaching people of every age group, ethnic group and religious background

  • Hearing testimonies of the great and wonderful things that God is doing in every corner of the globe

  • Worshipping the Lord in lively unity with people from many different nations

  • Praying together for the 2.1 billion people still unreached, the Persecuted Church, and for God's people to reach out in love

  • Receiving prayer for ministry anointing, healing and boldness to obey God's call to go far and near

  • Interacting with exhibitors from over 50 mission agencies, seminaries, and outreach ministries from around the world

  • Bringing your children and teenaged youth to participate in age-appropriate missional programs

  • Networking and building friendships over meals and conversations in rocking chairs for Kingdom purposes

  • Buying mission books from our "Top Picks" bookstore to share with others or read back home

New Wineskins conferences were birthed on our ministry's 20th anniversary back in 1994 and have continued triennially ever since. The New Wineskins' experience is hard to convey in words, so you'll just have to join us next time! For photos from the last conference, check out the 2016 Photo Gallery. For conference resources you can use in your setting, check out 2016 Conference Materials. Registration will open in late 2018, but mark your calendars now for Sept. 26-29, 2019! If you need Save the Date conference magnets, just contact us to let us know how many you need!