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Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • UGANDA Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi, Uganda Christian University (UCU) Vice Chancellor. Rev. Jessica Hughes, SAMS, UCU chaplain, for perseverance writing during sabbatical, for financial provision. Mary Chowenhill, SAMS, for support raising, sale of house in the US, time with family & friends. For UCU Entrepreneurship program and business incubator; Anglican Youth Fellowship Choir traveling to the US. Mark & Abby Bartels, UCU Partners, raising scholarships in the US. Rev. Sandra Earixson, Principal of Abp. Janani Luwum, Theological College in Gulu, for financial provision. Friends of Kibbuse, Praise for the successful re-registration of the Kibbuse Foundation and start of construction on a new facility for the Good Samaritan Clinic, under Rev. James Adyeri. Pray that God will "Establlsh the work of (their) hands” (i.e. the builders) and that He will provide the additional funds still needed.

Victoria Hassell