New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • NIGERIA Boko Haram is intensifying threats to churches and Christians. Abp. Nicholas Okoh. Abp. Edmund Akanya, for protection, wisdom, faith to grow. Bp. Nathan Inyom, AFM-Nigeria, for wisdom and grace. Abp. Ben & Gloria Kwashi, for many to come to Christ, parenting 40 kids, thanks for continued peace in Jos. Rev. Paul Dajur, Principal and Chaplain at St. Luke’s College, lecturer at The Christian Institute in Jos.

  • CAMEROON Mark & Bonnie Lambert, WBT, admin for Bible translators, protection for villages in the Far North Region from Boko Haram attacks, peace for the nation. Ken & Judy Hollingsworth, WBT, for him as he helps the B language in checking their Acts translation, her as she helps the Mofu by checking their Old Testament translation.

Stephenie Van Wagenen