New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MISSION AGENCY STAFF AFM Office: Chris, Kristin, Kathi, Stephanie, David, Andy, Janet. GT Office:Pamela, Beth, Ann, Elizabeth, Bethany, Nancy. Praise for the unity of this team and hearts to serve those serving as missionaries. SAMS Office: Stewart, Lynn, Denise, Nita, Julie, Howard, Sarah, Bonnie, & Dana. WBT: Dan & Brenda Boerger. Bill & Kerry Bremmer. Pray for increased financial support as kids head off to college and for their strengthened faith; for Bill’s renewed enthusiasm and effectiveness in new role. Rev. Brent & Kim McHugh, Christar International. Pray for interns from Liberty University arriving in Sept; for engagement with those who don't know Jesus; for Christar leadership meeting in Nov. Praise for 110 years of Christar in Hong Kong. Clark & Carol Smith, E412, for ongoing board responsibilities with New Wineskins, SAMS and American Anglican Council, for our CCA Parish Retreat: New Wineskins! and for an upcoming mission trip to Singapore and Nepal.

Victoria Hassell