New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MISSION AGENCY STAFF AFM Office: Chris, Kristin, Kathi, Stephanie, David, Andy, Janet. GT Office: Tamara, Sarah, Beth, Juanita, Ann, Elizabeth, Lauren. SAMS Office: Stewart, Lynn, Denise, Nita, Julie, Howard, Sarah, Bonnie, & Dana. Dan & Brenda Boerger, for healing and wisdom, more financial partners. Bill & Kerry Bremmer, WBT international relations in DC. Jim & Betty Fitzgerald, WatchWORD Video Bible. Wayne & Rena, YWAM, for mobilization of the global Church to finish the Great Commission, Asian and African churches to have effective cross-cultural missions. Rev. Bill & Diane Jerdan, REC Bd. of Foreign Missions, for health, wisdom. Rev. Brent & Kim McHugh, Director, Christar International, for students in their Global Leadership Internship Program (May-August), the visit of Liberty faculty to their offices (June), grant proposals to be accepted by UNHCR. Clark & Carol Smith, E412, for their teachings to be in God’s will, endurance/health while traveling, participation in June’s GAFCON in Jerusalem.
Stephenie Van Wagenen