New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • SUDAN Bp. Andudu Elnail, for hope and peace. Slater Armstrong, Joining Our Voices, for creativity, guidance and provision to publish indigenous worship songs.

  • SOUTH SUDAN Abp. Justin Badi Arama, for grace and hope. Bp. Abraham Nhial, for wisdom and unity of Christian leaders. Bp. Moses Deng Bol, Diocese of Wau, for peace and tribal reconciliation. Fran Boyle, for health and community needs. Rev. Samuel & Stella Marial, Principal of Bp. Gwynne, Theological College in Juba. Rev. Bol Deng, for wisdom. Rev. John & Sarah Chol Daau, Good Shepherd Academy; for students, parents, unity of teachers and staff; for construction of classrooms, for 4 sons; financial resources; peace and stability in South Sudan. Deborah Martin, for health, wisdom. Rev. Tom Prichard, Sudan Sunrise, for schools and community, Christian/Muslim relationships. Rev. Daniel Deng Kuot, training clergy, preaching peace to armed youth.

Victoria Hassell