New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INTERCULTURAL MINISTRIES Rev. Matt Walter, Tampa Muslim Outreach, for Iraqi and ESL Bible studies with non-believers to bear fruit. Rev. Robert & Phoebe Watkin, Muslim Outreach Ministry, Washington, DC. Rev. Geoff & Blanca Little, All Nations Christian Church/Academy, New Haven, CT. Noel & Meryl Dawes, for excellent preparation and full funding for the 4th Female Veterans Trauma Retreat, April 8-10. For God to bring soul and inner healing to the women that come, as well as effective follow-up. For health, energy, strength, funding and inspiration during her day-to-day ministry, that God would bring healing to the community who suffer from post-trauma stress and soul injury. Rev. Samira Izadi Page, Gateway of Grace, training churches to adopt immigrant families, sharing the love of Christ with refugees. G & K, GT, Kingdom Ventures Director, for their ministry to continue to improve lives and open doors for the Gospel, for her work with an UPG in the US, healing for family members. M & C, mobilizing and training others for the Muslim world, ministry to international students and refugees.

Victoria Hassell