New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • PARTNERING OVERSEASRev. Ian & Polly Montgomery, SAMS, for ongoing short-term trips. Revs. Shaw & Julie Mudge, SAMS, for wisdom and discernment for those considering vocational ministry in Belize. Very Rev. John & Susan Park, SAMS, educational projects with the clergy and women in Honduras. Bob & Brenda Schuyler, wisdom and grace. Mary Sherwood, GT, for provision to continue supporting two children’s centers in Madagascar, thanks for continued health. Diane Stanton, Kellermann Foundation, raising funds for Batwa Development Program, Bwindi Community Hospital, and Uganda Nursing School Bwindi. Carrie Wallace, scholarships for 23 kids at Rachel’s Lament in Kenya. Josh & Mere, for local indigenous workers to be raised up through their coaching in six different countries, grieving loss of missionary in the field, financial support. Rev. Chuck & Beth Bradshaw, SAMS, theological education and music ministry in Mityana, Uganda. GAFCON for mission fire to spread throughout the Anglican Communion. Rev. Richard & Dr. Caroline Crocker, EFAC, new leaders and their EFAC chapters to thrive, new EXEC committee, formation of the Theological Resource Network under Dr. Peter Walker, EFAC training conferences in South America and Asia, pilot training project for mid-level clergy (Africa), and texts for a new college in Kenya.

Victoria Hassell