New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • PARTNERING OVERSEASRev. Ian & Polly Montgomery, SAMS, for his trip to Lima, Peru with a group from SC. Revs. Shaw & Julie Mudge, SAMS, for the development of confirmation curriculum, those considering vocational ministry in Belize. Very Rev. John & Susan Park, SAMS, ministry to clergy, wisdom. Bob & Brenda Schuyler, wisdom, a construction project for a future health clinic. Mary Sherwood, GT, for health and strength for orphanage Directress Yolande, health and motivation for all children, God to grow each child’s faith, thanks for all God is doing through their ministry in Madagascar. Diane Stanton, Kellermann Foundation raising funds for Batwa Development Program, Bwindi Community Hospital, and Uganda Nursing School Bwindi. Carrie Wallace, scholarships for 23 kids at Rachel’s Lament in Kenya. Josh & Mere, for local indigenous workers to be raised up through their coaching in six different countries, for the Rohingya UPG in Myanmar to be reached with the gospel, for an additional $250/month in financial support to meet their needs. Rev. Chuck & Beth Bradshaw, SAMS, theological education and music ministry to Mityana, Uganda.
Stephenie Van Wagenen