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Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MINISTRIES (ISM) More than one million in the US. Steve & Lia Dunne, for fundraising for a young staff, finding students with spiritual interest, and being known for loving and caring for international students. Leiton & Lisa Chinn, for writing ISM articles, speaking at churches and ministering among international students, AISMN’s leadership. Dr. Mary McDonald, SAMS, co-leader of AISMN with Chinns, animal health care training trip to Uganda in Jan. for safety, unity, clear communication and spiritual growth for team and fruitful gospel presentation and discipleship training. Becky Mazariegos, PRISM, for Muslim friends to begin to study God’s word with believing friends and find Jesus, and international students in Bible studies to have “good soil” hearts. Peter Lebhar, InterVarsity, ISM chapter in Tallahassee, FL. for Sarah Ma the newest IV staff for international students at Florida State University. Rev. Norman & Beth Beale, chaplain at Veterans Administration home with an international staff, she teaches English to international students. Marc Papai, IVCF Director of ISM, for Global Student Track of International and Third Culture Kids at Urbana ’18, launching of Prayer Circles in U.S. and Canada, launch of Every International project.

Victoria Hassell