New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • EUROPE Phil, GT Europe Partner Facilitator, for his local engagement with Mirpuris and Pashtun peoples; for his mentoring and coaching of those working in North Africa and the Middle East. 

  • HOLLAND Drs. Phil & Linda Gottschalk, Tyndale Theological Seminary, praise for grandchild due in Oct; Pray for fall classes and students; for provision and financial support.

  • SPAIN Elisa, AFM, for rest and good connections during furlough (Sept-Dec); for women coming to the center; that God’s message would be widespread. Rev. Dr. Duane and Sharon Miller, AFM, praise for two years of ministry in Madrid; pray for Hisham from N Africa who wants to become a Christian; for Muslim outreach.

  • EASTERN EUROPE Bp. Jasmin Milić, REC Bishop of Croatia/Serbia, for church growth, ministry to refugees. Stephen, SAMS, for translation work, financial support.

  • GERMANY Jimmy & Gayla Renslow, 5:14 Initiative, Pray for deeper contacts into the Muslim community in Berlin and practical ways to effectively reach out to them; for kids academic issues at their school, self esteem, Christian friends; for new donors to fill in the gaps of negative income flow; for the Active Prayer Team; for 3 older children facing big life decisions in ministry and education.

Victoria Hassell