New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INDIA Rev. S. D. & Sheila, Bihar Theological College, School of Evangelism, Musahar Children’s Ministry, for new villages to be identified and tuition centers started; tuition centers teachers and students; for the cooperation from parents and village elders; and for needed funds to sponsor more students. Rev. Andrew & Esther, India Grad. School of Missiology, for protection. Rev. Dr. R., Indian Inst. of Missiology. I & F, GT, for them as they go into three new UPGs; for security concerns and the safety of all of the leadership in Northern India; for her as she provides care for those serving in the area. G & V, GT, for team unity and focus in the coming year. Herbert, GT, for the family as they prepare to move to India.

  • CHINAM & S, GT, for safety as M. travels to different countries in Asia, sometimes with his family; for wisdom and discernment regarding current security situations, thanksgiving for open doors with unreached people groups in Southeast Asia. P & D, AFM, thanksgiving for progress on the translation projects and the BAM website; for stamina for those working on these media projects; that they would bear good fruit with the UPG. John & Sarah, AFM, for language skills, health, protection.

Victoria Hassell