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Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • SOUTH ASIA J & K, GT, grateful for headway with translation team, financial provision. B.R., for favor with local police and influence with Christian partners in these districts.

  • NEPAL State persecution is rising and there is an increase in monitoring and controlling civil society organizations, especially where foreigners are involved. Rev. Lewis Lew, Dean of Nepal. Rev.Peter & Silvia, GT, for grace and strength in her time of grief after her mother’s passing. John & Vi, GT, for Nepal’s government officials, policies, and “spirit” and their affect on non-Hindu religious freedoms, pray for discernment on how to make the most of the time left, for the transition of Nepal Educational Mission and it’s education of pastors to indigenous leadership, and for the leadership team as they gather to assess their next steps and priorities in the coming months.

Victoria Hassell