New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • JAMAICA John & Michelle Chase, for more to join Apostles in the City; larger meeting space for Backyard Bible Club; financial partners for Heart for Jamaica. Ruan Humphrey, GT Coordinator, Praise for recent ordination. Pray for blessing she travels to Jamaica to mobilize mission sending from there.

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLICCathy Donahoe, SAMS, for physical therapy students; for discernment changing university role.

  • WEST INDIES Gwen Burbank, instructional technology specialist at St. George’s University; for fruitful witness. 

  • CUBA Bp. William Suarez, Diocese of the Reformed Episcopal Church, for the 42 churches and church plants to grow; for peace and protection.

  • COSTA RICA Rev. Orlando & Ligia Otarola, GT, Pray for provision of a new truck; for face-to-face gathering of GT Latin America leaders; for a network of Hispanic churches in Orlando, FL. Praise for a successful Partner Care retreat; pray that the recent trainings and retreats would glorify God and extend the reach of the Gospel. Daniel & Cristina, GT, for protection and provision as they go deeper into remote areas in the rainforest. Jose Antonio, GT, for Cabecar language learning and training. Jorge Umana, GT, for the Costa Rica team and their coffee business.

Victoria Hassell