New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MEXICOCarol Zylstra, WBT, for the July 20th arrival of the published Mixtec New Testament and the plans for its presentation fiesta and later distribution. Paty, GT, for her as she works with field partners being sent from her area. Meredith Omland, GT for a refreshing furlough for Meredith as she grieves for her mother and grandmother, handles their estates, and prepares to return to Mexico, probably this summer; for the church and academic scholarship program in Fresnillo, Mexico. Moises & Teresa Herrera, GT, for them as they network with the other partner care facilitators and provide support for the field partners being sent from their areas. William & Victoria Cain, GT, for their English language tutoring of medical students; for William’s travels into the jungle; for Victoria as she uses her gifts in training in hospice and palliative care; for a local group of churches from Chiapas in their mission work with the "Circle of Silence" in Central Mexico. Roger and Joanne Griffin, SAMS, for their adjustment to Mexico. Hector, GT, for the development of the business that will provide economic support to this base.

  • BELIZE Bp. Philip Wright, for churches to grow, more vocations to ministry. Rev. David & Mary Beth Alenskis, SAMS, for their discipleship initiatives, training of leaders, and sustained finances.

  • ECUADOR Roberto & Cameron Vivanco, SAMS, for students as they finish school in July; for safe travel & meaningful ministry for teams coming this summer; and for their 3-week HMA at the end of July-August; for God’s provision for life and ministry needs.

Victoria Hassell