New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MEXICOCarol Zylstra, WBT, dedication plans for the Mixtec New Testament being published, final edits on book of Genesis, and for participants in the literacy course to continue practicing. Rev. Manny Chavarria, men’s ministry in Mexico City. Meredith Omland, GT, thankful for another year with successful VBS, healing for her mom. William & Victoria Cain, GT, for language study, acculturation, thankful for a cohesive team and opportunities to use their gifts. Roger and Joanne Griffin, SAMS, for preparation for FT move to Mexico (January).

  • BELIZE Bp. Philip Wright, for churches to grow, more vocations to ministry. Rev. David & Mary Beth Alenskis, SAMS, for their discipleship initiatives, training of leaders, and sustained finances.

  • ECUADOR Roberto & Cameron Vivanco, SAMS.

Victoria Hassell