New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MEXICOCarol Zylstra, WBT, for an obstacle-free publication process for the Mixtec New Testament, many receptive Mixtec hearts to receive God’s word. Rev. Manny Chavarria, men’s ministry in Mexico City. Meredith Omland, GT, raise up a great harvest of souls and equip new ministry leaders in Fresnillo, new partners for academic scholarships. William & Victoria Cain, GT, for language study, acculturation, opportunities to teach.

  • BELIZE Bp. Philip Wright, for churches to grow, more vocations to ministry. Rev. David & Mary Beth Alenskis, SAMS, for their new discipleship initiatives, training of leaders, sustained finances.

  • ECUADOR Roberto & Cameron Vivanco, SAMS, for preparation for summer teams, their children to handle the stress and joy of having so many visitors, peace and joy in the midst of this busy season.

Stephenie Van Wagenen