New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • ANGLICAN GLOBAL MISSION PARTNERS Agape Year, Co-Directors Nate & Erika Twichell, for Kieran and Tessa, the cohort students for this year’s program. Anglicans for Life, Georgette Forney. Anglican Frontier Missions, Rev. Chris Royer. ARDF, Bill Deiss, for US trustee committees to bear fruit, resources for their global work, thanks for partnerships that will expand their impact. ATLAS, Rev. Dr. Susan Bubbers. Church Army, Rev. Greg Miller. CMJ USA, Rev. Cn. Daryl Fenton, training church teams for Jewish outreach. E412 Ministries, Clark & Carol Smith. Ekklesia, Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Atwood. Five Talents, Dale Stanton-Hoyle. Global Mobilization Ministries, Rev. Cn. Dr. Alison Barfoot. Global Teams, Sheryl Shaw, for opportunities to resource and partner with churches in the US, local refugee networks, more US workers to be sent to the field. Curtis Chanda, International Director, for replenished energy after moving back to US, healthy transition into new role and level of mission leadership. Kateri Medical Services, Inc., Ven. Tom Furrer. Kellermann Foundation, Diane Stanton. La Frontera Ministries, Rev. Dr. Steven Tighe. Nashotah House Theological Seminary. New Wineskins Missionary Network, Jenny Noyes. Rock the World, Rev. Whis Hays. SOMA USA, Dr. Glen Petta. SAMS-USA, Stewart Wicker. Stanway Institute, Dr. Erika Moore & Rev. Aidan Smith. Uganda Christian University Partners, Mark Bartels.
Stephenie Van Wagenen