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Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • SOUTH SUDAN Rev. Samuel & Stella Marial, Principal of Bp. Gwynne Theological College in Juba, teaching theology. Rev. Bol Deng, Bp. Gwynne Theological College to become a full university. Rev. John & Sarah Chol Daau, teaching refugees reconciliation, health, pastoral care, Dinka/Nuer pastors in Kakuma to be peacemakers, his book God’s Refugee: The Story of a Lost Boy Pastor to inspire many. Deborah Martin, Sudanese language documentation, for health. Rev. Tom Prichard, Sudan Sunrise, schools, scholarships, reconciliation, wells, community building, Christian/Muslim relationships. Rev. Daniel Deng Kuot, training clergy, preaching peace to armed youth in cattle camps.
Stephenie Van Wagenen