New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INTER-CULTURAL MINISTRIES Rev. Matt Walter, Tampa Muslim Outreach, for increased boldness in opportunities to share Christ’s love with Muslims. Rev. Loren & Linda, to meet their funding goal so they can move to the field in Jan. 2018, thanks for fruitful family and ministry. Rev. Robert & Phoebe Watkin, new Muslim Outreach Ministry, Washington, DC. Rev. Geoff & Blanca Little, All Nations Christian Church/Academy, New Haven, CT. Noel & Meryl Dawes, work with lay and military chaplains. Rev. Samira Izadi, Gateway of Grace, training churches to adopt families, refugees to know the hope of Christ through words and deeds of compassion. G & K, GT, Kingdom Ventures Director, for him as he trains and coaches BAM project leaders around the world, for her as she works in the US with a refugee community.  M & C, mobilizing and training others for the Muslim world, ministry to international students and refugees, peace in North Africa.

Stephenie Van Wagenen