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Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MINISTRIES (ISM) Almost half of the million international students in the US come from China, India, and Saudi Arabia. Pray for fruit as new believers return home. Steve & Lia Dunne, favor with universities in Boise, team to grow. Leiton & Lisa Chinn, directing the Lausanne ISM Global Leadership Forum in September. Rev. David Case, for God’s leading for the future, for IFI as they continue to minister on 29 campuses in 9 states, training IFI staff, helping churches reach internationals. Becky Mazariegos, PRISM, fruitful relational follow-up with the internationals studying God's Word, Muslims to know God’s love. Peter Lebhar, IVCF student-led team reaching international students in Tallahassee, FL. Marc Papai, IVCF ISM, outreach to international students, many from the Middle East. Rev. Norman & Beth Beale, chaplain at Veterans Administration home with an international staff, she teaches English to students from Syria, Jordan, China, etc. Dr. Mary McDonald, SAMS, for the 1,000 international students attending VA Tech to experience the love of Christ, the International Alpha course at The River Anglican Church in Blacksburg, VA, speaking at the Eastern European Veterinary Conference in Romania in October, her book The Magnet being released in November.

Stephenie Van Wagenen