New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • EUROPE Many Muslims are attending church for the first time, being baptized, and breathing life into stagnant churches. Phil, GT, Europe Partner Facilitator, open doors for organi-zational partnerships, openness to the gospel among Muslims.

  • HOLLAND Pray that churches would boldly share Jesus with Europeans and immigrants, many refugees welcomed by Christians are now following Jesus. Drs. Phil & Linda Gottschalk, Tyndale Theological Seminary, mentoring leaders from 22 countries, for refugee ministry, funds, courses being taught, summer graduates.

  • SPAIN Elisa, AFM, for continued relationships with new Muslim friends, for language acquisition, financial support. Duane and Sharon Miller, AFM, for a smooth transition to life in Madrid, for him as he preaches and teaches at the Anglican Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, for Joseph and his friend to read their new Bible.

  • EASTERN EUROPE Bp. Jasmin Milić, REC Bishop of Croatia/Serbia, churches to grow and help bridge religious/ethnic divide, ministry to Syrian refugees. Steve, SAMS, for increased financial support.

  • RUSSIA Restrictions on religious freedom are coming back. Rev. Mark Browne, Relational Bridges International, for fruit in continued ministry to youth and adults, financial provision.


Stephenie Van Wagenen