New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • INDIA Pray for persecuted Christians in Northern India. Rev. S. D. & Sheila, Bihar Theological College, School of Evangelism, for a great transformation among God’s people in Bihar, God’s wisdom and guidance for plans for 2018. Rev. Andrew & Esther, India Grad. School of Missiology, for scholarships, protection, graduates to have fruitful ministries. Rev. Dr. R., Indian Inst. of Missiology, training professors and church planters, for health. Barbara, GT, for discernment about returning to India, times of refreshment with family in the US. I & F, GT, for further opportunities to teach and train others in Bible storytelling among the unreached. G & V, GT, for protection, increased opportunities to reach Hindus and Muslims in their community, health improvement for Vero.

  • CHINAM & S, GT, Asia Area Director, for language learning, new opportunities across Asia for training and encouragement, educational support for their children. P & D, AFM, for his knee to completely heal from a torn meniscus, God’s anointing for team building as they focus on a UPG in East Asia, for His blessings as they host prospective team members coming to visit, team unity and synergy. Joh & ara, AFM, for language skills, health, protection.

Stephenie Van Wagenen