New Wineskins Missionary Network

Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • MADAGASCAR Pray for a good harvest after rains in March and April. Bp. Todd & Rev. Patsy McGregor, SAMS, for student evangelists during one-year church planting internship, the appointment of a new assistant bishop in the Diocese of Toliara, the Children’s Sponsorship Program. Horace & Anne Tipton, Planting Faith agricultural projects in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar.

  • MALAWI Francis M, GT, Malawi Country Director, open hearts to receive Jesus as the team goes door to door among neighbor UPG in September, success in the goat breeding/selling project. Luke & Jamie Ulrich, GT, further acculturation as they begin working more intently with children this school year.

  • MAURITIUS Rev. Bryan & Shakila Pyle, SAMS, growth of St. Simon the Fisherman Anglican Church, open doors for the gospel among ex-pats and locals.

Stephenie Van Wagenen