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Daily Prayer Calendar

Daily Prayer for Global Missionaries

  • CHILEBp. Tito Zavala, for guidance, wisdom. Rev. Russ & Heidi Smith, SAMS, for the upcoming Caminemos Juntos Conference in Recife, Brazil, start of the next semester of the Rural Bible Institute, their children Joel, Joshua, Joy, and Jocelyn, thanks for the approximately 200 people studying the Bible through Equipping Servants International.

  • BRAZIL Bp. Miguel Uchoa, Recife, for his wife, Valeria, in the hospital needing total recovery from infection and neurological damage, the new bishops and their ministries, for the Brazilian church as they progress towards being a GAFCON Province. Rev. Ron & Debby McKeon, SAMS, for blessing on their ministry, wisdom, more financial support.

Stephenie Van Wagenen