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Go and Make Disciples...Rooted in Jesus


In 2002, Rodger and I (Alison) created Rooted in Jesus (RinJ) as part of our ongoing relationship between the Leicester Diocese and the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Rooted in Jesus is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in the African contexts. It is the only material of its kind written especially for the use of African Christians, rather than translated from material developed for the West – where people face different problems and challenges in their lives. Since 2002, we have seen tremendous growth as Rooted in Jesus has been introduced to over 80 dioceses and denominations in 16 African countries. In 2010 we developed a companion Rooted in Jesus Junior programme for use in Sunday Schools, and that too is in wide use. Both programmes are endorsed by the Anglican Communion. 

Rooted in Jesus is a practical and interactive course. The emphasis is on the active participation of each member of the group through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, so that together they may be built up into the body of Christ and equipped for ministry to others. The material is absorbed and practised orally, and only the group leader needs to be able to read and write. Each lesson is summarised by a memory verse, and members receive certificates when the group completes each of the four books of the course.

We have been so encouraged to hear from our brothers and sisters of how the Lord has used this tool to transform lives and communities. May these testimonies encourage you to praise our living God!

Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara, Diocese of Butere, Kenya. “The impact has already been felt in many ways. We have seen the Lord using the Rooted in Jesus (RinJ) groups to bring hope and transformation. This resource is indeed a gift from God. In the course of the year, many people came to know the Lord through the RinJ groups. Broken relationships in families were restored. There was increased commitment and engagement from RinJ members in church activities. Giving in churches has gone up tremendously in parishes that have engaged actively in the groups. Many gave testimonies of healing.”


Canon Jacob Robert from Mara, Tanzania, says: “Testimonies that the group members have been given are assurance that the program has got place in the minds of Christians. A lady called Rebecca, member of the Cathedral group speaks openly about how the program has strengthened other groups in the church, she said; previous, youth groups and mothers Union groups were just church goers. From the time we introduced RinJ course, now they are meeting and reading the word of God and giving testimony on how the Lord has changed their life, this is a new attitude toward what is known as Anglican faith.”


Canon John Musaasizi of the Diocese of Mityana, Uganda, says: "Ten of the group members gave their lives to Lord Jesus. Among those who gave their lives to Jesus was Nathan who had come with his wife Florence. He loudly announced his birth experience, moved fast towards his wife. Upon reaching her, he knelt down and wept. He sought forgiveness from his wife for having been a drunkard. The experience moved a number of members to tears. The Holy Spirit was moving among us transforming everybody saved and unsaved."


Pastor Ali Mukembo from Jinja, Uganda, says: “I am happy to inform you that Rooted in Jesus Junior worked for us so much while at New Life Missionary Baptist Church. From the time we adopted those materials, we experienced vibrant and exciting Sunday school meetings with the children. The five Sunday school teachers that I trained using Rooted in Jesus materials have become very good teachers. They are now more practical during every meeting with the children. This has improved much of the children's zeal and love for Christ plus the church. A lot of spiritual gifts were realised like evangelism, worship, preaching, prayer, storytelling, drama, scripture memory verses etc. among the children. Some of these children lead worship during the main service and other church meetings. The number of the children which was about 25 at our church, it has now has grown to 150+"


Revd Dr Alison Morgan is the editor of Rooted in Jesus and the author of the various training materials which are used to introduce and support the program. Alison has a PhD from Cambridge University and prior to her ordination in 1996 was a university lecturer. She worked for many years alongside her husband Roger in parish ministry. Alison is a member of the Archbishops' College of Evangelists. She has published various books and course materials in addition to Rooted in Jesus. Rooted in Jesus has its own website and blog.