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Brave Scared Warrior - The Story


“Brave Scared Warrior,” my son, Micah who is now 17, coined the phrase. It was 2006 and he was almost five years old. My husband was a resident in training for family medicine and we were taking a rotation in Ecuador with some of our heroes, the Hardin family. They remain our cross-cultural mentors. The husband was one of my husband’s teachers in family practice residency and had given that up to serve with his family in a remote hospital. His wife, Karol, remains one of my all time favorites of how to do it your way in life and she certainly taught me many things on this trip! How many PhDs do you know who can also cut hair? There are so many stories from that trip, but this is my favorite.  

So, at the end of our time, a doctor generously paid for us to go on a trip to the jungle. This particular hospital was founded after some Christian missionaries were killed by members of a tribe called the Waorani. This tribe was very violent and all about war. Aaron got to shadow Dr. Hardin who was treating some of the aging tribal members who typically did not live that long and were coming in for treatment. They had simple problems of aging (like dehydration), but they had no tribal folklore or guidance since they didn't make it that old until they became people of faith in Jesus and started forgiving and trying to live and not just kill and fight. Theirs is an extraordinary story!


We had the privilege of taking a small Cessna plane into the Amazon jungle. In fact, this is the last time I remember not being very fearful as a parent. There is something about being outnumbered that brings what I hope is a healthy fear of keeping my kids alive. I remember I took my toddler’s seatbelt off and held her up so she could see the Amazon river! I can't even go hiking with my kids now because I can't stand to see them taking risks! 

So, we are on our way to see this church and meet these people.  At the end of a lovely visit.  Micah says, "I feel like a warrior.  A brave scared warrior."  That just stuck with us and I stole it!!

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Wendy Morrow was born and raised in Texas and after several cross cultural stints, she is now settled in North Carolina. Her husband practices family medicine and they have the joy of raising three teenagers. Their latest cross cultural endeavors led them to France to language school and preparing for her to pursue a second degree in French. Wendy also writes, plays the cello and enjoys people that live in her town. “It is quite extraordinary to believe God about who you are and watch that life unfold!” You can contact Wendy here.